I am going or rather attempting to go plastic-free. At least for a month! Wish me luck. I so need it.

Is it even possible you ask? Well I am asking this very question myself.

Are you crazy?

Be realistic and

No way, you cannot ever be plastic-free. Even for a day.

These are some of the incredulous comments that have come my way. And I suppose all of the above statements are correct. I have just begun making a list of all the things made of plastic or having an element of plastic in my home. And it starts from the very first moment I am standing outside my door.

Plastic Items in my Life

The mat I wipe my feet on – an outdoors mat, is made of plastic. I cannot leave a coir mat outside as it just rots after a few months, what it being so rainy all the time. Then as I step inside, I begin to see plastic everywhere. The umbrella standing so proudly just inside the doorway, a waste plastic bin, outdoor gardening shoes, key fobs and I have not even stepped into the house!

Some storage containers in the kitchen [even though they are made from 100% recycled plastic], the eco-plastic bottle I bought to prevent me from buying disposable plastic drinking water bottles each time I travel, plastic plumbing. Why, this very keyboard I am typing on is made of plastic!

The list goes on.

Dear God, how can I survive being plastic-free? Can I ever be?

What brought this on? This decision to look at going plastic-free for an entire month? The death of a glacier. And the decision by people to honour that death with a plaque intended for the future.

As a meditator, I feel it is my responsibility to leave the world a better place, a more beautiful place, a more conscious place than I found it. Does not Osho tell me that?

The Plastic Scourge

Plastic has become a scourge of our times currently. After watching Blue Planet II, politicians, consumers and corporations have come to realise the amount of plastic in the oceans, in the fish that most meat eaters consume, littering the beaches and ending up in even the remotest areas like the Antarctic.

Whole islands are formed with the man-made material, plastic, rubbish and everything that we decree as ‘rubbish’, that we have been taking so lightly over these past decades. We humans have been simply buying, consuming and then throwing away without a thought to the impact we as a species are having on the environment.

For the Greta Good

It has taken, a young 16-year old, Greta Thunberg to bring home the message that climate change is something that is affecting not just the developed Western nations but the entire world – Asia, Africa, Europe – each and every one of us is going to be affected by climate change. And not just our generation but generations to come.

Greta giving a speech at the UN Climate Change COP24 conference

So on a micro-level I am doing my bit to look at my plastic habits and see where I can make changes and let go of all but the most essential of this ubiquitous of all materials in my life.

I will definitely keep you posted. What is your part in consuming this material? Can you make changes to your life? Have you thought of these things and how does plastic affect your life? Or have you done such a challenge? Then I would definitely need some tips from you!


  • Avatar Anu says:

    I try to reduce using plastic, especially when shopping, by taking my own bags. I also do not use plastic garbage bags, instead just hand over the garbage to the garbage collectors that come every day in India.

    • Shruti Shruti says:

      So true, Anu. I too have been using fabric bags for several years now. And here we have to use black plastic bags for our rubbish. But I have now switched over to using recycled compostable plastic bags. We have to separate all of our recycling too, which is collected weekly. Every little helps! 🙂

  • Avatar Savita says:

    Hah! You beat me to it! I also have a blog on the the burner about this plastic issue. Once it’s got your attention, it’s positively haunting.

    So well done you for trying not using it for a month. I’m sure if you succeed that’s going to be worth reporting far broader than on just this little blog.

    • Shruti Shruti says:

      Oh yeah! I was inspired by another such experiment. So I decided to try it out for myself. I think I may have failed miserably. But let me see what you have to say as well. I am sure you will share a different aspect. Looking forward to reading it.

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