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During the 1970s and ‘80s, while most people went about their business, a strange phenomenon was occurring all over the world. Thousands of successful educated men and women left their homes in different countries to make the pilgrimage to India, and later the US, to meet a charismatic contemporary mystic whose controversial views and dynamic presence spoke to their hearts, minds and beings.

Here was a man who was not afraid to directly challenge the authority of organized religion; who confronted governments and worldly establishments head-on; who managed to raise hackles and provoke reactions among all political, intellectual and ideological factions. With his informally expressed insights into everything from the smallest personal issues to the greatest eternal truths, he uncovered seekers’ longings for a new way of being. His remedy for all the troubles in the world was both simple and ancient: meditation.

He became known as the most loved and the most condemned spiritual master of our time – so controversial that the United States government did everything in its power to destroy him.

This man was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Or as he is now known: Osho.

The 94 stories and anecdotes in this book take us into Osho’s world as experienced through the eyes and hearts of those who lived in his communes, sat in his presence and talked to him.

I was fascinated by your book. Every story has its own flavour and each one is written with such fluency. I went from one story to the next without ever tiring of them.

Shanti Appert (Switzerland)

Savita’s book is important because all these personal stories of magical, mystical and mind-blowing moments with Osho give us a unique perspective on how he interacted with the world and with people in all kinds of situations (like talking about cars with an auto dealer in New Jersey, for example, or hypnotizing a dog)…

Anand Subhuti (UK, former Political Correspondent to the Birmingham Post and Author of My Dance with a Madman and When Shakespeare Lost the Plot)

Now I have finished reading Encounters, I have to say how much I enjoyed it. It's a beautiful book both outer and inner, materially and spiritually. A very valuable reading experience!

Phoebe Wyss (UK, author of Inside the Cosmic Mind and Hercules’ Labours)

I just got the book yesterday – it’s a can’t-put-downer. And it’s presented so beautifully. It is an important document and a profoundly moving one as well. I admire the way you have done your [interviews]. You have much more of an objective sense…

Rashid Maxwell (UK, author of The Point of Vanishing and The Only Life: Osho, Laxmi and a Journey of the Heart)

This book offers all lovers of life a unique introductory portal into the world of the mystic. It is a rare pearl; a delight. It gave me a sense of belonging to a mystery school whose doors are still wide open – the mystery school of existence itself.

Savina Pia Longhi (Suha, Italy)

In Savita’s new book, we are privileged to read first-hand accounts of personal encounters with this remarkable mystic.
These stories are organized around the several stages of Osho’s work … (and) Savita usefully provides a brief context for each of these time periods.

Roshani Shay (US, Professor Emeritus, Western Oregon University)

This book is a gift. Thanks a lot.

Dhyan Tarpan (India)