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I’ve done a lot of things but never made much money out of any of it. I was a horse rancher, a graphic designer, a chicken farmer, a magazine columnist, a house cleaner, a paralegal, a publisher’s production editor, a Sufi song-and-dance teacher, an actor-writer-director for the theatre… It’s been a long life and it’s a long list – and that’s just a bit of it.

In terms of accreditation, however, I was trained in both graphic design and existential psychotherapy, and was for years a practising psychotherapist in London, which is where I was born.

Ever since I embarked on the intoxicating “life of total ruin” with the mystic Osho, nothing’s been ordinary. I have lived in the UK, France, Italy and the US, mostly in his community of celebrating misfits, and now spend large chunks of my time in India.
I love theatre, poetry, good food, searching but playful conversation, and the ‘naked’ witnessing life.

My two books are: Encounters with an Inexplicable Man: Stories of Osho as Told by his People (published in Hindi under the title Ek Avyakhya Purush Ke Saath: Osho Ki Kahaniyan Unke Logon Ki Zubaani and soon to be published in Tamil) and Dinner with Osho: Intimate Tales of Two Women on the Path of Meditation. I am currently working on a third, a diary written under Osho’s direction when I was one of his personal energy mediums.



I am a multipotentialite – a term I happened upon recently. Someone with various talents who doesn’t have a single calling. Maybe it’s just a fancy name for a Jill-Of-All-Trades?

A psychology graduate, I have been a meditator since I was a little girl, having been brought up with both Osho and J Krishnamurti in my life as well as studying in a Krishnamurti school. Both have had a very strong impact on me and continue to do so. Meditation to me is like breathing – an on-going process.

I have wandered into various roles in life, from being a hairdresser to working in PR, from entrepreneur, masseuse and professional cook to teaching meditation, running retreats and helping publish books, as well as writing one myself on Indian women.

In a meditator’s terms, this is also called going with the flow…

I love to dance, read, exercise and cook among other things.


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